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The scope of the solution is to target the trucking industry in Canada and the US. The solution aims to present both as a SAAS based and an On-Premise one based on the option our customers want to move forward with.


TruckSmartz is a fleet management system that aims to provide an all-in-one solution for logistics and management, along with handling all the protocols related to ELD that are coming up in the United States and Canada.


To serve you the best, we keenly listen to your requirements.

Software for fleet management should lessen complexity rather than increase it.

Staying organized requires a central location for all fleet data.

We don’t take the driver’s seat; we just help you sail through.

Our Story

Beginning of our trucking management system

The Beginning

We came up with the idea of the trucking management system in 2017. Since there wasn’t much awareness about automation, especially in the trucking industry, our team started to brainstorm.

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A Deeper Dive

After first year of research, we came to the conclusion that there is a lot of scope in the automation of fleet processes. Since it is a vast industry that involves completing huge miles, it requires software that could reduce the paperwork and maintain continuous contact between drivers and fleet owners. As a business model, we saw that different solutions provide one or the other feature in the Trucking industry. Still, none of them provided a solution that could stand as a whole, and they would not depend on any other solution to provide a date for it to run.

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In Front of Our Eyes

Next, we made the first working prototype. With Hours of Service and E-Logging becoming a mandatory norm, most trucking companies in USA and Canada needed to start over and remove their previously existing solutions, which worked on manual data entries. TruckSmartz provided an all-in-one solution to handle the Dispatch, manage the fleets, manage the orders of customers, real-time tracking of these orders, and follow all compliances for Border crossing and other custom-related formalities.

Fleet Management with Quickbooks integration

TruckSmartz in Motion, Literally

As time passed by, Apart from being a dispatch solution, we carried on the updates for TruckSmartz. Then, the solution provided a HOS app for drivers to manage the E-Logs and allows for handling Driver Payrolls, managing the trip-related expenses, and provided QuickBooks integration to keep the accounting section as easy as possible.

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Elaborated Features

One year down the line, TruckSmartz started to pick its name and got several testimonials. Post this, the company developed a variety of master settings to handle their orders, invoices, notifications, and other roles and privileges they need in their solution.

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Delivering Solutions and Smiles

As of now, the solution encompasses a variety of modules bound together for the solution to run. The admin can create sub-admins to manage separate modules. The orders and trips created for the drivers have live tracking through OBD devices enabled and a driver app to publish all the trip details. Post a trip is completed, the related invoice can be done. The system also manages an audit trail to review all changes done in the master data and has a custom report builder tool to enable users to view any and every kind of report they envision seeing.

Meet our Leaders

Our leaders are passionate about collaborating with others, creating high-quality
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Vikram Monga


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Manipal Dhariwal


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