Simple Fleet Compliance.

The vehicles connected integrate seamlessly with the customized-compliance tools and provide applications significant to your business.

Ensure High-Level Documentation Standards

The TruckSmartz ensures that all the paperwork from the process of registration to the bill of lading to Invoice, insurance documents, and interstate permits is properly managed and maintained.

Assessing Risk Factors

Assess any compliance risk related to any document expiration at the organizational level anytime, anywhere. The trucking company compliance software enables you to stay ahead of deadlines.


Reduce Downtime and Enhance Productivity with Intelligent Compliant Solution.

Secure & Reliable

Boost your productivity With TruckSmartz.

The TruckSmartz trucking company compliance software streamlines every process for gathering and submitting information to regulatory bodies. The simple interface will enable you to pull the reports, and the automated data collection will open up more time for you, making your drivers more productive.

Improve Security

Maintain Documentation standards.

There are many documents pertaining to trucks such as vehicle registration, insurance documents, and bill (BOLs). All these Documents are managed properly by TruckSmartz. Our compliance function lets you set alerts regarding any expiration of documents such as Insurance.

Reduce Complexity

Improve your vehicle uptime.

Our compliant solutions enable the fleet managers/owner operators/leased operators/independent dispatchers to monitor the vehicle status. The data will provide assistance in preventing the breakdowns on road and be used as a planning tool for maintenance schedules whenever it is convenient for the company.

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Speed-up any Roadside Inspections.

The TruckSmartz devices are portable and can be removed from the dashboard for any compliance inspections. It also enables users to access essential information using tablets or mobile devices through a dedicated app.

Advanced Software Systems

Get rid of managing paperwork that was once needed to file the reports. Bypass all the paperwork with efficient TruckSmartz-compliant solutions.

Eliminate Paperwork

With staying complaint, get rid of all the paperwork that was once needed to file the reports. Bypass all the paperwork with efficient TruckSmartz-compliant solutions

Avoid any costly penalties

The Trucking Software with Compliance Management from the TruckSmartz platform will Enable you to stay on top and avoid costly penalties.

Frequently asked questions

The bill of lading is a list that has the details of the shipment of goods in the form of a receipt that is provided by the carrier to the person you are delivering the goods to. Details include the ownership of the shipment and the party details who will be receiving the document.

Under compliance, you can view and keep the documentation safe and sound such as a bill of lading, driver’s license, invoice, etc.  

Yes, as provided by the law, it is mandatory to be in compliance with the latest rules and regulations.

The TruckSmartz enables the user to stay updated with the automated reporting. It also provides the user with digital workflows for better understanding.

Well yes, you can easily set up alerts regarding any paperwork for filing a report.