Remote Diagnostics

Use the remote diagnostics to minimize breakdowns by planning downtimes and scheduling maintenance for faulty components well in time.

Automated Monitoring

Find out all the information you need about residual time at wheel when you switch to our transport order management system and schedule your deliveries better.

Truck Route Planning

Know the best route to your destination that also puts the toll costs into consideration. Leave these tasks to TruckSmartz while you spend more time getting business.


Most Comprehensive Brokerage Transport Order Management System

Efficient and Reliable

Dispatch Handling Made Easy

TruckSmartz enables the dispatchers to easily create orders along with the freight being carried out in them, and marking whether these orders have a hazardous freight present in it or not.

Comprehensive Solution

All the Important Details in One Place

The quantity of the freight, any insured goods, their priority, the kind of load and the details of their shippers and consignees along with special notes can be easily added to the TMS work order system.

Constant Monitoring

Never Miss An Update

The admin and the dispatcher can monitor everything even when the freight gets farmed out. Plan the orders into trips and farm them out to other carriers if required. Stay updated. At all times.

Manage Events

Stay Updated On All Events

Manage the events related to the trip with automated events present too, informing when the truck gets acquired, when the trailer gets hooked, and when the freight gets picked, and more.

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A Comprehensive Solution for TMS Order Management

Freight dispatch software that makes trips and order management, and brokerage handling easier than ever…

Document Handling

Manage all Compliance documents and the archived/past data with documents

Data Management

Manage basic details of custom Broker firms including its location and contact details

Progress Tracking

Track the progress of trips through its events

Partial Trip Management

Pass/take partial trip to/from the carrier

Modify Ongoing Trips

Replace the truck/trailer or switch the drivers in an ongoing trip

Probill Management

Link the probills to the trailer, plan the bundle of probills and trailer in multiple trips

Invoice Management

Manage invoices in not just one, but dual currencies with our freight dispatch software

Freight Management

Note the hazardous fleet and leave the remembering part to TruckSmartz.

Email Documents

Email all the documents to yourself/anyone in a single click

Handle Dispatch Seamlessly

The most crucial part of a fleet management solution is to handle the dispatch being set up for them efficiently. TruckSmartz does the job well!

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, we can merge the documents and email them from TruckSmartz only to the customer.