Detailed Fuel Economy Reports

Stay updated on fleet trends with accurate and precise dashboard reports for vehicle fleet management reporting. You can also get an insight of CO2 emissions and total miles driven.

Proactive Fleet Maintenance

Use critical engine data to achieve peak fuel efficiency. Also get access to comprehensive vehicle inspection checklists for tire pressure and more for proactive fleet management using TruckSmartz.

All-in-one Fuel Management System

Precise tracking of key measures such as fuel consumption, true idling, fuel level, engine faults, fuel economy, and more. You can also integrate your fuel cards.


Trucking Fuel Tax Reporting Made Easy

Save More

Insight into Fuel Economy

TruckSmartz makes keeping a track of fuel economy easier than ever. A higher than expected fuel economy typically suggests vehicle’s need for maintenance, and issues with drivers’ behavior.

Accurate Details

Cost per mile Information

Our trucking fuel tax reporting solution is especially effective as far as extracting accurate cost per mile information is concerned. This information can help you understand per mile costs inclusive of maintenance, expenses & fuel.

Smart Alerts

Reduce Fuel Theft

Location alerts combined with fuel capacity helps detect any inconsistency in vehicle’s GPS location and fuel levels, allowing you to stay alert on any problem activity.

Fast Synchronization

Import Transactions At Once

Seamless import of historical transaction data allows smooth synchronization with the vehicle’s current operational capacity. Transactions from fuel cards can also be pulled in automatically.

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Most Reliable Fuel Tax Reporting Services

Generate fuel receipts and mileage receipts per vehicle in just a few clicks

Integrate Your Fuel Cards

TruckSmartz integrates with hundreds of fuel cards.

Fleet Mileage Reporting

Track every single mile, accurately.

Fleet Fuel Performance Report

Customize fuel performance reports and share them across seamlessly.

Fuel Inventory Analysis Report

Assess the performance of your vehicle in real time to plan maintenances.

Customize Reporting

Sort fuel performance by fuel type, vehicle, or location, as per your requirement.

View Costs in Real Time

Efficient creation, prioritization, and assignment of tasks.

Are you ready to simplify fuel reporting?

TruckSmartz will allow you to generate the Fuel receipts and mileage receipts per vehicle and per state driven and calculate the value of the trucking fuel tax reporting that is to be levied on a quarterly basis.

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