How Leasing Operators Benefit From TruckSmartz

A comprehensive trucking software that is affordable, reliable, and efficient

With TruckSmartz, you can manage all your transactions as well as professional invoices almost effortlessly. The truck leasing software allows you to generate reports based on your expenses for better insight. Never miss another due date!

  • Generate invoice in 2 currencies (USD and CAD)
  • You can settle multiple invoices of a customer against one cheque
  • Generate the contract invoice document
  • For recurring expenses, setting up customized frequency of repetition
  • Record all the expenses done by the company on its Drivers, Trucks, Trailers, Fuel or any other miscellaneous expenses
Driver Settlement & Expense Management

As a leased operator, one needs to stay on the top of several reports such as Profit, Loss and Driver Payments. TruckSmartz is the trucking Management Software for Leased Operators that generates most reports automatically by deriving required data from integrated apps.

  • Document defects in inspection reports and upload the supporting images
  • Accident Reports
  • Incident Reports
  • Amount Receivable/Payable Report
  • Expense Report
Generate IFTA and other Financial Reports

Keep track of all the fuel expenses and get access to all of them in the Fuel Card Log for a better overview with the trucking Management Software for Leased Operators.

  • Record the details of all the Fuel Cards
  • Link the Fuel Cards to the Trucks or Carrier
  • Export or Import Fuel Cards information
  • Customize prefix, starting number and define the value of fuel surcharges
  • Record all the expenses done by the company on its Drivers, Trucks, Trailers, Fuel or any other miscellaneous expenses
Fleet fuel management software

Find and manage the contact information of all the entities involved in your trucking business in one place.

  • Update one primary contact for each location
  • Add multiple contacts for each location
  • Manage basic Carrier details including its location and contact details
  • For each location of the customer update multiple contacts
  • Update multiple locations of the customer and under each location you can store the multiple contact details

Your trucks are the backbone of your business and we go a step ahead to help you manage your trucks and trailers by scheduling maintenances, setting truck and trailer maintenances, and more.

  • Create inspection reports for any truck/trailer
  • Store all the maintenance records for any truck/trailer
  • Update basic details of truck
  • Replace the truck and trailer in an ongoing trip (event added manually)
  • View the compliance documents due to expire in current month and the expired documents for Trucks/Trailers/Drivers. Also, download the attached documents and send an email to the concerned person/s
truck & trailers maintenance

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Simplifying Businesses

Without TruckSmartz
  • Hassles of managing multiple systems
  • Heavy paperwork
  • Requirement of extra resources such as a CPA
  • Difficulty storing fuel card information
  • Laborious carrier settlements

With TruckSmartz

Truck Leasing Software That Makes Managing Businesses Easy

Frequently asked questions

TruckSmartz has a very streamlined sign up process which allows a leased operator to set up an account in just a few minutes. All you need to do is keep details of the trucks, trailers, and the carrier you are leased with handy while getting started to avoid a delay.