About TruckSmartz

A Netsmartz group of companies, TruckSmartz, is a web-based logistics and fleet management solution designed exclusively for trucking businesses in Canada and USA. We make managing dispatches, expenses, maintenance, and trip sheets easier for fleet managers, small carriers, and even drivers.

Apart from being a dispatch solution, TruckSmartz also assists its customers with the best manpower service in the trucking industry.

Certified ScrumMaster
CMMI Level 3
An ISO certified company
Some of our recent awards and accolades

What are TruckSmartz Dispatcher Solutions?

TruckSmartz provides remote, competent, and trained resources in the field of truck dispatch services, compliance management, and data entry work at competitive salaries.
Qualified Professionals

All of our pre-vetted candidates have the experience and qualifications you need to get the job done right.

Quick Hiring

Within 48 hours of posting your requirements, you'll be able to start interviewing potential candidates.

Carefully Curated Talent Pool

Our first interview-to-selection ratio is a whopping 89%! Go ahead and rest easy knowing that you're in good hands with us.

Competitive Prices

Save up to 60% on salaries compared to local talent while still maintaining quality by working with us.

Timezone Compatibility

Our talents work in your timezone or even assist you 24*7 if needed so as to ensure that the deliverables are always on time.

Effortless Onboarding

We take care of all the formalities so you can focus on what matters the most – growing your business.

Benefits of Hiring Remote Dispatchers

  • Trucking Industry Costs
    Get an Edge in the Trucking Industry Costs
  • top-notch dispatch services
    Get the Best Dispatchers in No Time Costs
  • truck fleet management software
    Spend Less on Managing Than Ever Before
  • reduce your fleet maintenance costs
    Cut Costs on Hiring Costs
  • Fleet Management Costs
    Keep Up with the Competition Costs

Our Extensive Vetting Process

You take a chance on the future of your business when you hire a new employee. Will they strengthen the team or undermine it? One of the most crucial steps in the hiring process is conducting background checks on prospective employees because this step significantly impacts a company's success.

Even with the over 3,000 applications, we receive each month, only 3.5% of the talents are added to the talent pool. Our vetting procedure is intended to get rid of ambiguity.

Additionally, we follow a rigorous technical assessment & evaluation process that takes both live tests and theoretical knowledge.

  • Hire Top talent with TruckSmartz
    Partnering With Top Universities

    We have partnerships with 100 of India's top universities through Netsmartz Academy to attract the best talent in the nation.

  • Only 70% Pass
    Impeccable Training Academy

    Our one-of-a-kind training academy, The Netsmartz Academy, which serves as a launching pad for young aspiring engineers, is where we source most of our talent. About 70% of people come down and enroll in the courses.

  • 67% Qualify
    Upscaling and Certified Training

    About 67% of the hired resources go through the upscaling and certified training program in their respective fields

  • 49% Clears
    Tapping Skill Set and Knowledge Base

    We strongly emphasize developing each individual's skill set and knowledge base, which is essential in a constantly evolving market and moving quickly. Approximately 49% of the enrollments make it to the next process.

  • Finally 41% Crack it!
    Talent Acquisition Team

    Furthermore, we have a dedicated talent acquisition team that ensures we hire the best industry talent with years of prior work experience, i.e., about 41% of the total applicants.

  • TruckSmartz Certified Talent

    TruckSmartz Certified Talent

Skill Set

Truck Dispatch Services
  • Manage PODs from Drivers
  • MS Office and Computer efficiency
  • Scheduling Deliveries & Planning Routes
  • A/R and A/P management
Trucking Compliance Services
  • Vulnerability/Security Knowledge
  • Compliance issues In-depth Info
  • Compliance procedures Investigation
  • Risk management strategy Creation
Data Entry Services
  • Effective Communication
  • Database Structure Basic Understanding
  • Basic Software Programs Knowledge
  • Transcribing proficiency

Above, we have listed the most frequently requested hiring needs. However, we excel in providing any kind of trucking-related solutions.

Clients just have to do the training once on their processes and procedures; then, our master trainer will always take care of Dispatchers' training in the future.

Download the Rate Card

To download, help us understand your requirements so that we can match your expectations and send the best pricing.


    We understand how important it must be for you that the talent should work in your local time zone, and we’ve got you covered.

    We bet that hiring remote workers with us will give your company access to the best people in the world, no matter where they are located.

    We're happy assisting every client, even at odd hours.

    The only reason why we're at your service 24*7 is so you can rest assured and ease up your life.

    • We are presenting a limited time offer to work specifically accordingly to your time zone that too at 0 additional cost.

    CA / US Partial Shift (4 hours overlap with local timezone)
    • As an icing on the top, we’re more than happy to provide you additional discounts if you hire a team (more than 3 talents) with us.

      5% extra

    • Quarterly Advance Payment


    • Half Yearly Advance Payment


    • Yearly Advance Payment


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