Document Handling

The best thing about our vehicle diagnostic software is that it eliminates the need for paperwork. Save time as well as resources by adopting TruckSmartz.

Timely Alerts & Reminders

Take required actions timely when you get notified about potential failures beforehand. Timely resolution of issues allows you to get back on the road faster.

Condition Monitoring

Stay updated on the external as well as the internal condition of your vehicles by maintaining records of pictures and readings with the fleet diagnostic software.


Vehicle Damage Inspection System That You Can Trust

Efficient and Reliable

Vehicle Inspections Made Easy

The Vehicle inspection reports online with TruckSmartz, you never miss an update about your fleet. Access and analyze inspections whenever you want.

Manageable Data

Customize & Adjust

TruckSmartz is unique digital vehicle inspection software that lets you inspect all the vehicles and equipment in your fleet without a hassle, using tailored forms, and amazing customization offers.


Insights That Matter

Inspection statistics based on, on-demand vehicle data, and past data allows you to get a better look at the overall condition as well as the performance of your vehicle.

Record Keeping

Vehicle Maintenance on Finger Tips

Not only can you keep a record of the dates of maintenance, but also the amount of money you spend on every session. Track your budget more efficiently with the vehicle fleet maintenance software.

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The Only Fleet Diagnostic Software You Need

Inspections made easy with TruckSmartz

Create Master Data

Create master data for the items that are checked during inspection

Inspection Reports

Create inspection reports for all the inspections done by On Scale and Onsite authorities

Document Defects

Document defects in inspection reports and upload the supporting images

Auto-generated PDFs

On saving inspection, an inspection report PDF is auto generated

Improved Safety

Take charge of your vehicle’s overall performance and safety

Automated Reminders

As per your last collected data, set easy alerts to remind you of your next due maintenance with the vehicle fleet maintenance software.

Handle Dispatch Seamlessly

The most crucial part of a fleet management solution is to handle the dispatch being set up for them efficiently. TruckSmartz, the vehicle fleet maintenance software does the job well!

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Frequently asked questions

Fleet management includes the daily tasks of fleet maintenance, dispatch, routing drivers, customer service, asset tracking, fuel management, and more.

The best way to manage the fleet is by employing the latest truck management software such as TruckSmartz.

When you install the device on your vehicle, the system will collect the data from the vehicles and update the location with the help of GPS technology.

The fleet manager is responsible for directing, planning, coordinating, and supervising the fleet of vehicles. He/She is the primary contact concerning the vehicle fleet and operations.  

Fleet management refers to the actions that need to take place for keeping the running, on budget, and on time.