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For decreasing CO2 emissions, you need to minimize fuel consumption and with the route optimization feature of the TruckSmartz, you will be able to do that easily.  

Transport and logistics, carriers, shippers, and people associated with the trucking industry.

Yes, you can simply visit and start your journey now.

One of the important aspects of the fleet management system is GPS tracking. It helps in real-time tracking and taking care of the movement of all fleet assets.

The Analytical tools provide actionable insights by summarizing large amounts of data in charts or dashboards.

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Yes, you can do that in the compliance settings section.

All types of Vendors that a Trucking company uses ex. Stationary stuff vendor, vendor for vehicles maintenance etc. can be added to TruckSmartz.

Yes, drivers’ rating questions can be set up from the Driver Scorecard section, and Carrier ratings can be set up from the Contract setting section in the Settings module.

The TruckSmartz enables the user to stay updated with the automated reporting. It also provides the user with digital workflows for better understanding.

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