GPS Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

The roads are going to get clogged and all the freight deliveries will be delayed. You will have no updates on what to expect on the roads.

Yes, the GPS is completely independent of any data usage.

  • Reduced fuel costs.
  • Maximize vehicle utilization.
  • Improving time management
  • Getting real-time information
  • Route-planning.
  • Better management

GPS tracking sends the signal at a pre-established time interval. The signal is then transmitted to software for reading and interpreting at the location of the device.  

The GPS tracking alerts are the limits through which the customer can set up the tracked vehicle. An email message or a text to the customer and they will be notified of any issue.  

No, once it becomes a part of your everyday routine, you will easily be able to manage it and would be surprised why have not you used it before.

Not as of now

GPS means Global positioning system. Back in the 1970s, this technology was used heavily by the armed forces to navigate with the help of radio frequency waves. In the present era, this technology enables fleet managers for locating, tracking, and monitoring the fleet in real-time.

Yes, we can include all the maintenance work done on a particular truck/trailer along with the cost on it and keep a record of it.

All types of Vendors that a Trucking company uses ex. Stationary stuff vendor, vendor for vehicles maintenance etc. can be added to TruckSmartz.

Yes, drivers’ rating questions can be set up from the Driver Scorecard section and Carrier rating can be set up from Contract setting section in Settings module.

Yes, we can merge the documents and email them from TruckSmartz only to the customer.



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