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Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet management includes the daily tasks of fleet maintenance, dispatch, routing drivers, customer service, asset tracking, fuel management, and more.

The best way to manage the fleet is by employing the latest truck management software such as TruckSmartz.

When you install the device on your vehicle, the system will collect the data from the vehicles and update the location with the help of GPS technology.

The fleet manager is responsible for directing, planning, coordinating, and supervising the fleet of vehicles. He/She is the primary contact concerning the vehicle fleet and operations.  

Fleet management refers to the actions that need to take place for keeping the running, on budget, and on time.

The Fleet size is the total number of vehicles in one ownership of a company or an agency.

The businesses that buy at least 10 or more vehicles are given the fleet registration number.

The main 4 key components of fleet management are vehicle maintenance, driver management, data analysis, and vehicle acquisition.

The vehicle tracking system is one electronic device that is installed in the vehicle to track and monitor the vehicle’s activity. Combines with the fleet management software, it allows fleet tracking to be way easier and streamlined.

The most things that it is going to record are the –

  • Speed
  • Fuel consumption
  • Driver behavior
  • Speed

Most inspections, such as pre-trip inspection, post-trip inspection, on-road inspection, engine inspection, etc., can be added to the system.

Yes, you can. You can turn on reminders for truck/trailer maintenance in the settings.

Yes, we can include all the maintenance work done on a particular truck/trailer along with the cost on it and keep a record of it.



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