Fleet Management

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Transport and logistics, carriers, shippers, and people associated with the trucking industry.

One of the important aspects of the fleet management system is GPS tracking. It helps in real-time tracking and taking care of the movement of all fleet assets.

Remote fleet management puts the use of innovative Technologies for minoring the assets from a distance and always being connected with the drivers.  

This will increase the real-time visibility in fleet operations.  

The fleet management process often leads to efficiency and profit-making some of the best ways to optimize fleet management is  

  • By implementing the fleet management software.
  • Centralizing the fleet data.  
  • Streamline the maintenance procedure through Fleet management software.

The main purpose of the fleet management solution is to supervise the operations of the fleet. These solutions make sure of increasing revenue and many other company goals.  

The main purpose of the fleet management system includes-  

  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced costs and ROI  
  • Enhanced safety and reliability.
  • Driver retention and retention.  

Fleet management optimization means enhancing fleet performance and quality from compliance, maintenance, and more. Optimization refers to all the activities and efforts that will improve fleet management by using the digital fleet management solution.  

You can track an unlimited number of vehicles from TruckSmartz.

Every logistics business has its own needs and challenges. TruckSmartz provides customized fleet management solutions. This ensures that fleets of every size can enjoy the benefits of FMS.

The fleet management software solutions are very cost-effective. They increase productivity, reduce accident risks, and improve driver behavior as well.

The fleet manager plays a vital role in ensuring that the delivery operations are carried out smoothly. They monitor various aspects of the process including fuel consumption, delays, driver performance, route optimization, and much more.

Any business that is using truck vehicles for delivery can leverage fleet management software. This software will ensure proper management of drivers and vehicles. Presently, fleet management software is mostly used by companies in the logistics industry.

The qualities of software define the best fleet management software. The software must be

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Must possess quality customer support
  • Must be able to track trucks and their drivers.

Keep an Accessible fleet maintenance record.

Yes, we can include all the maintenance work done on a particular truck/trailer along with the cost on it and keep a record of it.

Yes, you can add recurring expenses to the solution. You get an option to select whether an expense is recurring or not when you add any expense.

Yes, drivers’ rating questions can be set up from the Driver Scorecard section and Carrier rating can be set up from Contract setting section in Settings module.

Yes, all this information can be added while we add a new driver. Also, it can be updated in future, if required.

All types including company owned, on rent or lease from any vendor, owner operated.



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