Frequently Asked Questions

For decreasing CO2 emissions, you need to minimize fuel consumption and with the route optimization feature of the TruckSmartz, you will be able to do that easily.  

Transport and logistics, carriers, shippers, and people associated with the trucking industry.

Yes, you can simply visit http://trucksmartz.com/start-your-15-day-free-trial and start your journey now.

One of the important aspects of the fleet management system is GPS tracking. It helps in real-time tracking and taking care of the movement of all fleet assets.

The Analytical tools provide actionable insights by summarizing large amounts of data in charts or dashboards.

The fleet management software is very easy to use. It only needs a routine to get used to it.

TMS ensures real-time visibility to the consumers with real-time insights into orders and shipments.

You can add new truck from trucks module.

Within a week’s time the implementation can be done.

TMS is a necessity for most businesses. It leverages robust digital solutions for maintaining the supply chain strategy.

Enterprise resource planning is the core system that integrates data from various parts of the organization into a holistic view whereas the TMS is used to manage the movement of freight.

The trucking management software assists in controlling costs and boosting profits. You will be able to improve the ability for optimizing everything from sourcing the loads to carrier and route selection. The TMS is a Flexible solution that empowers companies for innovating and expanding their service and solutions to customers.

  • Real-time tracking.
  • Carrier contract management.
  • Reducing the shipment delivery times.  
  • Minimizing the logistical costs.

  • Time for transportation.  
  • Total freight costs.
  • Fuel Efficiency.
  • Maintenance costs.

Pickup and delivery times.

Implementing TruckSmartz TMS Solutions will help any logistics or trucking company improve its trucking management.  

A TMS is a digital tool that assists in effectively managing transportation and logistics functions. It allows Companies to forecast and optimize the route.

You can easily generate the factoring invoice following below steps

  • Go to the Order section
  • Navigate to Billing Information
    and you are there.

The signup process remain same for all our users. Whether you’re a fleet owner or leased operator, once you request for a free trial initial setup, we will create the admin account.

Only Admin can create account for drivers or other users. For the user who contact us, a main admin account will be created and further other accounts can be created from there.

You can easily view the revenue, from the AR report.

When you log in to the TruckSmartz TMS platform, you need to visit the CMS tab. There you are going to find the option to manage reminders and manage alerts.

The number of times the truck gets refueled, the truck drivers collect the receipts. These can be uploaded over the TruckSmartz platform to keep the track of expenses.

In TruckSmartz, you need to open the tab of Trips/contract –> chooses carrier contracts. Here you can add or view the contracts as you like.  

  • IFTA Tax details
  • Fuel receipts
  • Mileage receipts  
  • HOS Bulk Data  
  • General reports.

Fleet management includes the daily tasks of fleet maintenance, dispatch, routing drivers, customer service, asset tracking, fuel management, and more.

The best way to manage the fleet is by employing the latest truck management software such as TruckSmartz.

When you install the device on your vehicle, the system will collect the data from the vehicles and update the location with the help of GPS technology.

The fleet manager is responsible for directing, planning, coordinating, and supervising the fleet of vehicles. He/She is the primary contact concerning the vehicle fleet and operations.  

Fleet management refers to the actions that need to take place for keeping the running, on budget, and on time.

The Fleet size is the total number of vehicles in one ownership of a company or an agency.

The businesses that buy at least 10 or more vehicles are given the fleet registration number.

The main 4 key components of fleet management are vehicle maintenance, driver management, data analysis, and vehicle acquisition.

The bill of lading is a list that has the details of the shipment of goods in the form of a receipt that is provided by the carrier to the person you are delivering the goods to. Details include the ownership of the shipment and the party details who will be receiving the document.

Under compliance, you can view and keep the documentation safe and sound such as a bill of lading, driver’s license, invoice, etc.  

The option is present under the tab of Assets –> Factoring company and there you go.

Yes, you can set the reminders under the tab of Inspection –> vehicle maintenance. Here you can keep a record and can easily know the next date for maintenance.  

When you fail to maintain your fleet properly, then it can result in compliance issues, loss of revenue, and increased downtime. The fleet maintenance schedule can help you run your business smoothly.

Telematics is a tool that will help you with managing expenses, compliance, productivity, and more. Well, you can use this data for identifying the areas of improvement. The features of telematics can be used according to specific business needs.  

Telematics provides information on driver behavior and enables the managers to address any issues or reward the improvement.

By monitoring the trip data and vehicle system information, you will be able to identify the areas of improvement for driving cost savings and improving safety.  

Telematics is the aftermarket GPS tracking device that is installed in the vehicle. It provides insights into details.

The roads are going to get clogged and all the freight deliveries will be delayed. You will have no updates on what to expect on the roads.

Yes, the GPS is completely independent of any data usage.

  • Reduced fuel costs.
  • Maximize vehicle utilization.
  • Improving time management
  • Getting real-time information
  • Route-planning.
  • Better management

GPS tracking sends the signal at a pre-established time interval. The signal is then transmitted to software for reading and interpreting at the location of the device.  

The GPS tracking alerts are the limits through which the customer can set up the tracked vehicle. An email message or a text to the customer and they will be notified of any issue.  

No, once it becomes a part of your everyday routine, you will easily be able to manage it and would be surprised why have not you used it before.

No, there is nothing like legal license or so.

The fleet management software solution will enable the companies in providing effective management of fuel, vehicle acquisition, vehicle Maintenance, and more.  

There’s no hidden cost associated with this signup.

Remote fleet management puts the use of innovative Technologies for minoring the assets from a distance and always being connected with the drivers.  

This will increase the real-time visibility in fleet operations.  

The fleet management process often leads to efficiency and profit-making some of the best ways to optimize fleet management is  

  • By implementing the fleet management software.
  • Centralizing the fleet data.  
  • Streamline the maintenance procedure through Fleet management software.

The main purpose of the fleet management solution is to supervise the operations of the fleet. These solutions make sure of increasing revenue and many other company goals.  

The main purpose of the fleet management system includes-  

  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced costs and ROI  
  • Enhanced safety and reliability.
  • Driver retention and retention.  

Fleet management optimization means enhancing fleet performance and quality from compliance, maintenance, and more. Optimization refers to all the activities and efforts that will improve fleet management by using the digital fleet management solution.  

The vehicle tracking system is one electronic device that is installed in the vehicle to track and monitor the vehicle’s activity. Combines with the fleet management software, it allows fleet tracking to be way easier and streamlined.

The most things that it is going to record are the –

  • Speed
  • Fuel consumption
  • Driver behavior
  • Speed

You can track an unlimited number of vehicles from TruckSmartz.

Every logistics business has its own needs and challenges. TruckSmartz provides customized fleet management solutions. This ensures that fleets of every size can enjoy the benefits of FMS.

The fleet management software solutions are very cost-effective. They increase productivity, reduce accident risks, and improve driver behavior as well.

Not as of now

GPS means Global positioning system. Back in the 1970s, this technology was used heavily by the armed forces to navigate with the help of radio frequency waves. In the present era, this technology enables fleet managers for locating, tracking, and monitoring the fleet in real-time.

Any type of expense done on Driver, Truck and Trailer. Either it canbe the general expense or linked to trip, one-time expense or the recurring expense.

Once you will signup with us, filling up some basic details. We will set it up for you.

The fleet manager plays a vital role in ensuring that the delivery operations are carried out smoothly. They monitor various aspects of the process including fuel consumption, delays, driver performance, route optimization, and much more.

Any business that is using truck vehicles for delivery can leverage fleet management software. This software will ensure proper management of drivers and vehicles. Presently, fleet management software is mostly used by companies in the logistics industry.

The qualities of software define the best fleet management software. The software must be

  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Must possess quality customer support
  • Must be able to track trucks and their drivers.

Keep an Accessible fleet maintenance record.

Fuel management is a crucial service that is offered through fleet management service. It is the best way to save costs. The TMs can assist with the feature of  

  • Fuel management.
  • Vehicle Maintenance.

The factoring companies purchase the unpaid voices of the business in exchange for a fee. That fee is deducted when the when full payment is collected from the customer. The factoring companies allow the business in logistics to release the cash by purchasing the invoices at a discount.

Yes, the option of factoring companies listing is available under Assets –> Factoring company and there you go.

With TruckSmartz, you have the access to a variety of information related to the operation. The information includes-

  • Resources
  • Reports–Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Order Report, Trip Report, Expiring Certificates, Upcoming Services.
  • Inspections & Maintenance.
  • Orders & Trips Management
  • Tracking expenses
  • Managing Carrier contracts.

Yes, it can easily calculate the payroll for the deadheads, deadheads are when the truck is carrying empty loads.

The payroll function will work differently for the city drivers and for the drivers who are normally on highways. The highway drivers are charged per mile and the city drivers are charged per hour basis. It can be set through the payroll function.

Well, yes. With the smart integration, TruckSmartz will provide the rates for the single driver and team driver loads.

Yes, as provided by the law, it is mandatory to be in compliance with the latest rules and regulations.

The TruckSmartz enables the user to stay updated with the automated reporting. It also provides the user with digital workflows for better understanding.

Well yes, you can easily set up alerts regarding any paperwork for filing a report.

Please feel free to drop your queries on info@TruckSmartz.com

Yes, you can cancel your trial account anytime.

Yes, all our plans include real-time tracking.

We provide 15 days free trail without any obligations.

Yes, we can mail the dispatch document to the driver.

It will be updated on TruckSmartz in real-time.

You can generate reports such as Profit and Loss, Driver Payment, Unit Reports, and IFTA.

You can turn on reminders for truck/trailer maintenance in the settings.

Yes, TruckSmartz allows you to export your records and save them in one place easily.

Most inspections, such as pre-trip inspection, post-trip inspection, on-road inspection, engine inspection, etc., can be added to the system.

Yes, TruckSmartz allows you to easily inspect all of the vehicles and equipment in your fleet, using tailored forms and incredible customization options.

Yes, drivers’ rating questions can be set up from the Driver Scorecard section, and Carrier ratings can be set up from the Contract setting section in the Settings module.

Yes, you can. You can turn on reminders for truck/trailer maintenance in the settings.

Yes, you get real-time tracking and ELD-compliant software with TruckSmartz.

A driver’s record of duty status can be entered into an ELD, a recording device that records vehicle parameters through its synchronization with the vehicle’s engine.

TruckSmartz manages compliance for all vehicles, trips, orders, employees, and dispatchers. It also keeps the system up to date on expiring certificates, ensuring that no resource in the fleet has an expired document.

ELD replaces AOBRD. Both an AOBRD and an ELD are electronic devices that keep track of a driver’s hours of service. Still, an ELD has more sophisticated recording capabilities to comply with the FMCSA ELD mandate.

You can keep track of the revenue on your TruckSmartz personalized dashboard.

TruckSmartz extracts accurate cost-per-mile that helps you understand per-mile costs, including maintenance, fuel, and more.

No, our cloud-based system will keep you up to date with the fuel and mileage reports.

With TruckSmartz, you can get your IFTA report in just a few clicks. You don’t have to file IFTA from thereon manually.

If a carrier satisfies the following requirements, they need an IFTA license. First, if they have a participating jurisdiction as their base of operations and conduct business there as well. Second, if you drive a vehicle weighing more than 26,000 pounds or have three or more axles.

Yes, you can include all the maintenance work done on a particular truck/trailer along with the cost of it and keep a record of it.

All types of Vendors that a Trucking company uses ex. A stationary stuff vendor, vehicle maintenance vendor, etc., can be added to TruckSmartz.

Alerts for their mobile oil change, service, tire replacement (on Km/miles basis or per set period), or other customized alerts related to any document’s expiration or vehicle’s maintenance can be set up using TruckSmartz.

Yes, we can merge the documents and email them from TruckSmartz only to the customer.

Of course, TruckSmartz lets you manage your fleet remotely.

Not at all; you can use TruckSmartz even if you’re not a fleet manager.

Yes, drivers’ rating questions can be set up from the Driver Scorecard section, and Carrier ratings can be set up from the Contract setting section in the Settings module.

No, the payment on your credit card won’t be processed until the last day of your trial period. The trial is absolutely FREE.

Absolutely. You can view your payment history whenever you like.

Yes, you can change/update your credit card information as and when you want.

You will be prompted to update your credit card details only after your 15-day FREE trial ends and you plan on using our phenomenal product. You will be reminded on the app as well as via email.

You can easily reset your password if you ever forget it. All you need to do is completed all the steps following the instructions on ‘Forgot Password’ section. You will receive an email with a link to set your new password within seconds.

You can reach out to us via phone or email. Write to us on sales@trucksmartz.com or dial +1 437-836-0789. You can also fill the form on the website to submit your doubts and queries.

In order to ensure that you get enough time to explore all the features TruckSmartz offers, we give our customers a 15 day FREE, no obligation trial.

You can stay assured all your information (contacts, records, and accounts) is a hundred percent safe on TruckSmartz.

Drivers can use TruckSmartz to log duty status, record fuel and expenses, view settlements, manage documents, and more.

Yes, the drivers can be given access to relevant data through role based access. They can use the TruckSmartz app to stay updated.

Yes. You can easily access all the downloadable files and even export them for your convenience.

Yes, in addition to the pre-defined roles, you can also add user roles as per your preferences.

Yes. You may choose to receive all pending payments from a customer at once.

All types of Vendors such as stationary stuff vendor, vendor for vehicles maintenance etc., that a Trucking company uses can be added to the software.

Absolutely, TruckSmartz offers seamless integration with most supported systems.

No, you won’t need any additional IT equipment to operate TruckSmartz.

We can add events like changing driver, changing truck/trailer, deadhead, and driver check calls.

All types of employees of a Trucking company like Drivers, office staff, finance department employees, mechanics etc, can be added.

Yes, we can include all the maintenance work done on a particular truck/trailer along with the cost on it and keep a record of it.

All types of Vendors that a Trucking company uses ex. Stationary stuff vendor, vendor for vehicles maintenance etc. can be added to TruckSmartz.

Yes, you can add recurring expenses to the solution. You get an option to select whether an expense is recurring or not when you add any expense.

Yes, drivers’ rating questions can be set up from the Driver Scorecard section and Carrier rating can be set up from Contract setting section in Settings module.

Yes, all this information can be added while we add a new driver. Also, it can be updated in future, if required.

Yes, we can merge the documents and email them from TruckSmartz only to the customer.

Drivers’ payrolls are managed in both ways I.e., per KM/Miles wise and per hour wise.

Yes, multiple locations can be added if in case any customer wants the pickup to be done from multiple locations or wants the load to be dropped off at multiple locations.

Yes, all such documents can be emailed from our solution.

All types including company owned, on rent or lease from any vendor, owner operated.

The best way of finding loads as an owner operator is finding dispatchers. Other ways include coordinating with freight brokers, load boards, cold calling, networking, and securing government contracts.

Owner operator is a self-employed individual who runs a small trucking company and handles all the aspects of the business single-handedly. They are categorized as independent contractors and can benefit immensely from web based trucking software such as TruckSmartz.

TruckSmartz has a very streamlined sign up process which allows a leased operator to set up an account in just a few minutes. All you need to do is keep details of the trucks, trailers, and the carrier you are leased with handy while getting started to avoid a delay.

Yes, you can do that in the compliance settings section.

Getting an IFTA sticker is a three-step process:

  • Fill out the application form with your State’s Department of Transportation
  • Your stickers will be issued and mailed as soon as your application is approved
  • You can use a printed copy of the temporary license and IFTA sticker in the meanwhile.

You can obtain an IFTA permit by applying in the State where you are based. The application forms can be found online and are administered by the State Department of Transportation.

You will need a IFTA license under the following conditions:

  • You are based in a member jurisdiction; and
  • You operate across multiple member jurisdictions; and
  • You operate a qualified motor vehicle.

IFTA miles, also known as IFTA miles, are the miles covered by a qualifying vehicle per jurisdiction. IFTA miles cannot be greater than the total miles.

Quarterly IFTA taxes can be filed online using various IFTA reporting software and/or electronic services. Some States may require you to file paper IFTA reports.



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