Fleet Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

The Analytical tools provide actionable insights by summarizing large amounts of data in charts or dashboards.

The fleet management software is very easy to use. It only needs a routine to get used to it.

TMS ensures real-time visibility to the consumers with real-time insights into orders and shipments.

You can add new truck from trucks module.

Within a week’s time the implementation can be done.

TMS is a necessity for most businesses. It leverages robust digital solutions for maintaining the supply chain strategy.

Enterprise resource planning is the core system that integrates data from various parts of the organization into a holistic view whereas the TMS is used to manage the movement of freight.

The trucking management software assists in controlling costs and boosting profits. You will be able to improve the ability for optimizing everything from sourcing the loads to carrier and route selection. The TMS is a Flexible solution that empowers companies for innovating and expanding their service and solutions to customers.

  • Real-time tracking.
  • Carrier contract management.
  • Reducing the shipment delivery times.  
  • Minimizing the logistical costs.

  • Time for transportation.  
  • Total freight costs.
  • Fuel Efficiency.
  • Maintenance costs.

Pickup and delivery times.

Implementing TruckSmartz TMS Solutions will help any logistics or trucking company improve its trucking management.  

A TMS is a digital tool that assists in effectively managing transportation and logistics functions. It allows Companies to forecast and optimize the route.

You can easily generate the factoring invoice following below steps

  • Go to the Order section
  • Navigate to Billing Information
    and you are there.

The signup process remain same for all our users. Whether you’re a fleet owner or leased operator, once you request for a free trial initial setup, we will create the admin account.

You can generate reports such as Profit and Loss, Driver Payment, Unit Reports, and IFTA.

You can turn on reminders for truck/trailer maintenance in the settings.

Yes, TruckSmartz allows you to export your records and save them in one place easily.

Yes, we can include all the maintenance work done on a particular truck/trailer along with the cost on it and keep a record of it.



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