Fully Automated

TruckSmartz is a reliable small trucking company accounting software that takes the manual work out of payroll. Get things done faster with our fully automated processes.

Innovative Solution

Have you always been looking for trucking payroll software that manages driver payroll seamlessly without manual labor? TruckSmartz solves this!

Pay Your Drivers Faster

Automated processes result in faster payments and that reflects in drivers’ efficiency. Manage your invoices efficiently with TruckSmartz.


Small Trucking Company Accounting Software

Track Expenses

All Your Driver Expenses In One Place

Taking care of every little Driver’s expense can be difficult when you are running a company and that is exactly where we step in – we make it easy. TruckSmartz keeps track of all your driver expenses so you have a realistic idea of your business’ performance at all times.

Office Payroll

Seamless Automation of Payments

Use TruckSmartz to automate payments for drivers. Stay on top of the weekly payments while also managing driver salaries, bonuses, and more.

Deduction Management

Stay On Top of All Transactions

Keeping a track of all the transactions including deductions can get a bit tiresome when dealing with more than a few drivers. TruckSmartz automates most things to take the worry off your shoulders.

A Comprehensive Solution

From remote diagnostics and predictive maintenance to work order management and maintenance cost reports, TruckSmartz is a trusted vehicle fleet management software that handles everything well.

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Smarter Fleet Management with TruckSmartz

The ultimate fleet management system for small businesses

Remote Diagnostics

Keep a check on your vehicle’s health even from a distance.

Truck driver’s Maintenance Cost Reports

Keep a track of every truck driver’s maintenance and repair expenses.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory gets easier with a reliable fleet management system.

Predictive Maintenance

Assess the performance of your vehicle in real-time to plan maintenance expenses.

Maintenance Scheduling

Schedule maintenance based on vehicle data with the best payroll software for trucking companies.

Work Order Management

Efficient creation, prioritization, and assignment of tasks.

One-stop Solution for Handling a Multitude of Features

Manage your fleet ranging from the trucks and trailers being used in TruckSmartz along with their owners in one place. You can also add/deactivate any of these resources based on the current state of the fleet.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it can easily calculate the payroll for the deadheads, deadheads are when the truck is carrying empty loads.

The payroll function will work differently for the city drivers and for the drivers who are normally on highways. The highway drivers are charged per mile and the city drivers are charged per hour basis. It can be set through the payroll function.

Well, yes. With the smart integration, TruckSmartz will provide the rates for the single driver and team driver loads.

Drivers’ payrolls are managed in both ways I.e., per KM/Miles wise and per hour wise.