HOS ELD Mandate

TruckSmartz is the best among ELD compliance solutions and lets the business owners take complete control of their employees, drivers, and events. Audit driver logs and supporting documents across all formats.

Workload Management

A comprehensive solution that integrates seamlessly with several ELD providers to help make staying compliant, knowing your risks, and sharing results a breeze.

Dashboard Customization

View compliance risk at any level within your organization anytime, anywhere. Role based access leaves more room for customization. TruckSmartz will help you stay ahead of your competition.


Reduce Downtime and Enhance Productivity with ELD Telematics Compliance

Secure & Reliable

Precise Tracking of HOS

TruckSmartz integrates with all the vehicles including trailers and trucks and keeps a track of hours-of-service to provide you with accurate information that improves efficiency and reduces downtime.

Improve Security

Monitor Driver Behavior

Real-time tracking and our ELD compliant software enables you to have better control over your business. Monitor rest breaks, get automated alerts on customized events, and more using TruckSmartz.

Reduce Complexity

FMCSA Compliant ELD

Following FMCSA hours-of-service regulations doesn’t have to be a hassle. Receive alerts on emergency declarations, natural disasters, as well as HOS final rules at all times.

Increase Efficiency

Easy-to-use ELD Solution

Reduced violations result in more savings. TruckSmartz is very easy to use and helps your team get done with inspections faster. Start using our ELD compliance solution today for improved fleet performance.

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The Only ELD Compliance Solution You Need

Manage your trips, drivers, finances, inspections, and ELDs better…

ELD Handling

Get status list every day, transfer data seamlessly, stay updated on violations and transfers…


View, manage, and edit inspections. Also allows you to add details.

Manage Finances

Manage all things expenses efficiently – view, filter, add details, and check payroll.

Trip Management

Get lists such as probill, freights, events, and more. Also manage current, upcoming, and past trips.

Driver Settings

Add and manage drivers’ emergency contacts, working hours, basic details, and more.

Document Management

Manage all Compliance documents and the archived/past data with documents

Do More with TruckSmartz

TruckSmartz handles compliances for all vehicles, trips, orders, employees and the dispatchers. It also keeps the system up to date with expiring certificates so that there is never a case where a resource from the fleet ends up having an expired document.

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