10 Ways Fleet Management Platforms Help Transport Companies Be More Agile

  • Vikram Monga
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  • January 16, 2023
Leverage Your Business with the Best Fleet Management Solution

Due to pandemic restrictions, many customers rely on goods delivery rather than self-pickup. This forces most businesses to find new ways to optimize their fleet management systems to remain competitive and satisfy customers’ demands.

Many business owners find fleet management software an excellent way to streamline their multi-component everyday workflows and provide logistics executives, drivers, and clients with simple applications that offer advanced solutions.

According to the Fortune Business Insights report, in 2021, the worldwide fleet management software market was estimated to be worth over USD 18 billion. The market is expected to grow from over USD 20 billion in 2022 to more than USD 67 billion in 2029, with an 18.3% CAGR.

These figures demonstrate how many businesses are already investing and intend to continue investing in streamlining and automating their processes using effective fleet management software.

How Fleet Management Platforms Help Transportation Companies

There are various fleet management software examples that can help you in the optimization of the business’s fleet management process. Choose a fleet management software that offers full benefits to get the best return on your investment and access the critical challenges fleet managers face.

Here are some benefits of fleet management platforms and how they can help your company with its transport systems.

1. Manage Fleet Remotely

Any size fleet’s daily operations have many moving parts and can be challenging to manage effectively. Software implementation offers a platform to remotely view every aspect, even if the vehicles are dispersed across several locations.

2. Streamline Scheduling Method

Numerous types of scheduling software enable managers to plan scheduling procedures and vehicle and employee availability in real time. Supervisors can view each schedule’s specifics through a centralized scheduling software so that staff can easily refer to it. Every adjustment is transparently made so that it can be done quickly and effectively if there is an urgent task. Additionally, scheduling systems and fleet management can automatically oversee employee operational tasks better.

3. Improves Dispatch

The time when you needed to radio a dispatcher to locate where a vehicle was and when it would be back is long gone. Fleet management software can quickly access vehicle requests, fleet locations, and job performance.

4. Optimize Routes

One of the significant fleet management software features is its GPS tracking system, which enables fleet managers to create efficient and effective routes. Fleet productivity is increased because data on mapping, fuel use, and other factors are readily available. The business can also make decisions and reroute drivers more quickly by utilizing fleet monitoring software.

5. Provide Real-Time Notifications

Fleet management software offers accurate updates from fuel levels to route mapping by providing real-time notifications. Because the reports are constantly updated, managers can refrain from interrupting drivers for needed information.

6. Better Communication

Many vehicles with fleet management software now have built-in communication tools to facilitate communication between business owners and drivers. Hands-free gadgets keep everyone safe while exchanging relevant information and updates.

According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Association, 22.2% of accident report was reduced when artificial intelligence was used in route planning, which can identify traffic jams, roadblocks, intersections, and roundabouts.

7. Automated Reporting and Analytics

The fleet management system not only gathers valuable data but also offers insights. The software generates reports on car maintenance, driving techniques, delivery time, and rest breaks using information collected by GPS navigation systems, onboard equipment such as the odometer, and Electronic Logbooks. Managers can better use this information to understand their drivers’ performance and behavior and give them the appropriate instructions.

Check out a Promapp alternative if you want your business teams to be able to convert complex data such as diagrams, manuals of procedures, and process maps into clear, understandable visual tools.

8. Compliance with Delivery Deadline 

Only intelligent automation and machine learning technology solutions can automatically schedule and reschedule tasks based on changes in orders and routes. This feature allows you to meet delivery deadlines and dramatically increase the number of deliveries finished in a given amount of time.

9. Efficient Fuel Consumption

Fuel usage has always been a problem for fleet operators because it surpasses the budgeted amount. According to an article by Automotive Fleet Magazine, roughly 60% of a fleet’s operating expenses are fuel-related. Despite common belief, energy usage is more than just concerned with the mileage. Fleet management software can provide access to comprehensive fuel consumption trends by considering multiple factors.

Fleet managers can use such a system to spot areas of excessive and unneeded idling and take action to reduce unnecessary stoppages. Furthermore, it can train drivers to follow a pattern that uses the least fuel and maximizes fleet efficiency.

10. Enhance Vehicle Maintenance

One of the priorities of a fleet manager is to keep the fleets running on a tight budget and reduce fleet costs. Fleet vehicle maintenance necessitates extensive preparation and execution of the best quality. Nevertheless, with fleet management software in place, you can create preventive maintenance schedules based on parameters such as car size, miles traveled, and weather patterns.

Furthermore, it will assist you in tracking automotive downtime and its underlying cause. The fleet maintenance software will use this data to create a schedule that prioritizes maintenance. As a result, the initial cost of the fleet management tool will ultimately outweigh the savings realized from efficient maintenance.

Leverage Your Transport Business with the Best Fleet Management Solution

Leverage Your Transport

Fleet management software is the best way to grow your business in a data-driven environment. A fleet management system is a powerful software tool that can add significant value to a fleet operation. Fleet management software companies offer solutions that reduce time-consuming tasks by automating them and gathering vehicle data in one place. With top-notch fleet management software supporting your operations, you’ll get the visibility and insights needed to guarantee your fleet is operating at its best.

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