How To Prepare Your Fleet For Operating In Winter Before The First Frost

How To Prepare Your Fleet For Operating In Winter Before The First Frost 1

  • Himmat Gill
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  • April 8, 2022
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It is neither too early nor too late to start for preparing the winter. For some businesses, the fleet is going to keep their business steady. This is even during the time of cruel winters. Winter planning is very crucial for data-driven agencies and this is where the trucking management software is going to help you out.

The TMS is going to include both your vehicle and the telematics for procuring the operational data. If you are operating from an area that gets regular ice or snow, or if the winter is coming, you need to prepare your fleet for the months of winter.

There is an immediate need to get ready for the winter operations before the first frost. This will allow you to fully prepare before the beginning of the winter season(Ice and snow).

Preparing for the winter season

For the fleets which are operational in Canada and U.S. snow belts, it is very crucial in keeping the roads safe and open for successful winter operation. This is for the people you are serving.

As the winter is getting more unpredictable and volatile over the past couple of years, it is significant to prepare before the first frost or the storm months in advance. The first thing that goes with saying is the maintenance of your vehicle. This is where the vehicle fleet maintenance software can assist you

Fleet maintenance:

The vehicles and the equipment installed must be checked in a routine. There must be a strict schedule to make sure that your vehicles are operating fine. You must check blades, hydraulics, spreaders, and various other parts if they need to be repaired or reinstalled.

The idea is to be ahead of the issue to even prevent a small one so that it does not transform itself into a big one. Your fleet might also need changing of the fluids for the harsh winters.

This is why Fleet maintenance must be a priority.

Reviewing your routes

Reviewing your routes must be a priority. This will make your work as efficient as possible. Even one wrong turn during these harsh winters can be fatal for your time. More wastage of time will mean more fuel and this must be avoided.

Thus, the GIS route data from the best trucking management softwaremust be verified and reviewed properly. This will guide you if any changes have occurred as compared with the last winter season.

Analyze the critical operating data:

While reviewing your telematics solution, you will be able to hatch all the crucial data from the spread controllers, temperature sensors, and plow sensors in the winter months. This is essential in the approaching first months of the harsh winters.

You also need to take some additional steps so that you can know that you are getting the best data for every vehicle in your fleet.

  • Calibrating the spreader controllers.
  • Make sure that your spreader is operating with zero errors
  • There must not be any feedback sensory failure.
  • Also, verify the spreader controller material settings.
  • Order the spare equipment if needed and especially when multiple drivers are using the same vehicle.
  • Make sure that your firmware is up-to-date and that your TMS order management software.

Check the belts:

Just as the heat causes wear and tear on the vehicle belt, so does the cold weather. Well, a worn timing or a v-belt can prove to be a disaster for you as well as your vehicle. This is mostly when you are driving the remote regions.

Make sure that you inspect the belts and follow a regular schedule for them. Make sure to check for any signs of cracks. You must change the worn belts that can help you to avoid a breakdown in the first winter frost.

Refer to the best Trucking management solution:

The trucking management system will assist you in collecting critical data from different sensors in your fleet such as temperature and the spreader controllers. This is going to help you during the worst storms in the winter.

When you are taking the full benefit from the trucking management software, then it can provide you with insight into the best routes, and will keep giving you reminders of the maintenance checks.

Thus, adopting trucking management software is the best solution to prepare your fleet for operating in winter before the first frost.

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