EZLinQ Streamlining the Day-to-Day TMS Functioning With TruckSmartz

Streamlining the Day-to-Day TMS


5+Team Size


TruckSmartz has been associated with the client since more than a year now.

About The Company

EZLinQ is a Trucking company with which you can scale up driver capacity as needed without hiring additional staff, making management of your trucking company easier. Its app also enables drivers to extend their driving hours when available.

The Tech Stack

Team Composition

We assigned different resources to different project stages to develop the complete solution. Each technology was covered by more than one resource, with iOS, Android, and backend serviced by two developers. Each Sprint’s work was assigned a designer and a QC resource. A Project Manager led the entire team.

The Problem Statement

Without our resources, the client faced many challenges in scaling up his solution and ensuring that his solution’s day-to-day running happens seamlessly. This had a direct impact on income and revenue.

The Challenge

Without TruckSmartz, EZLinQ was facing some challenges that had a direct impact on their income:

  • The company had a lot of orders available but no drivers to work on them.
  • Freelance drivers had assets like trucks available but no orders being received.
  • Freelance drivers had problems choosing runs based on their own rate preferences and location preferences.

The Solution

For EZLinQ, we covered the team managing both facets of the solution:

  • Custom solution development of EZLinQ
  • Having resources onboarded for Data Entry and smooth onboarding of the clients and drivers.

Our Process

Development Team

The developers ensured that a robust solution was created; The designer made an interactive look and feel of the application; The quality analyst ensured the seamless functioning of the solution before the deployment; The project manager ensured the smooth execution of the project with uninterrupted coordination was undertaken.

Data Entry & Onboarding Team

To manage the same, we had four resources working with EZLinQ, where they were divided between shifts covering the entire 24 hours period in the EST time zone. All four members were adept with all the KRAs required to complete the job. We had also planned backup resources just in case someone fell ill so that the work never got affected.

Development Approach and Solution

Focusing on the client’s vision of simplifying the posting of runs for a company and easy acceptance of these runs by drivers, we created a highly usable application, compatible with mobile, tablets, and iPads. Company owners and drivers could easily get access for better management.

The Result

We successfully launched the entire solution and handed it over to the client. The system included a website, a web backend, as well as iOS and Android apps. The solution is unique in allowing freelance drivers to select runs easily. Everything is going well, and the client is marketing the solution.

We successfully scaled up onboarding and streamlined the solution’s day-to-day operation. This eventually led to a week-on-week increase in customer onboarding and client satisfaction, which helped EZLinQ’s revenue skyrocket.


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