The Success Story of PPG Roadlines Inc. With TruckSmartz’s TMS

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About The Company

PPG Roadlines is a trucking company that provides transportation services. Their objective is to streamline the transportation system completely. The company aims to evaluate, suggest, implement, and oversee a sophisticated supply chain adapted to its customer’s requirements.
With a team of fifty dedicated, they have successfully created efficient supply chains, offering various transportation and distribution options.

The Problem Statement

The drivers were contacted twice a day to get an updated ETA or if there was any other issue with the truck, trailer, or route they were on so that the relevant department of our client could assist the drivers accordingly.

The Challenge

  • Coordinating with clients, drivers, and businesses (PPG Roadlines)
  • Real-time updates of crucial information and documents (BOL, ETA, and POD) Gathering data for
    IFTA reports
  • Updates on TMS data in real-time (Xpert)
  • Monitoring the clients for late payments
  • Coordination for custom documents with custom brokers

The Solution

Collating PODs from drivers after ensuring consignee signatures are present and real-time updating of important documents such as BOL.
Without any errors or delays, all of the information required for IFTA reports was gathered and shared with our client’s concerned department.
Clients’ TMS are kept up to date with all information, including orders, customers, trips, expenses, truck and trailer maintenance, and the expiration date of all compliance documents.
Customers are reminded to pay on time through phone calls and letters. Also, keep the client’s finance team informed.
Coordination with Custom Brokers for manifest clearance so that drivers can immediately start at the border and their ETA is not affected or delayed.

The Result

After successfully developing the TMS for PPG Roadlines, TruckSmartz helped the company to maintain continuous contact between the staff and the truck drivers in real-time without having to call and ask for updates. Customers used to receive updated ETA information, and if there is a delay, it is communicated to both the customer and the client, along with the specific reason for the delay. So, all in all, every party, be it clients, staff, or truckers, everyone could take a sigh of relief.


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