How Can Digitization Help You with Vehicle Inspections?

  • Harpreet Singh Dhariwal
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  • September 22, 2020
Digitization Help with Vehicle Inspections

There have been a massive number of crashes that are happening every year. All these incidents can be prevented when you are taking a solution-oriented approach to fleet inspections.

What is the approach- Digital vehicle inspection software?  

Let us first find out why Fleet inspections are important

Significance of Fleet Inspections

Driver safety is the priority of the fleet inspection. The best way to make sure that your drivers are safe is by undertaking an inspection to check if there are any defects. Inspections are considered to be the major steps of preventative maintenance. It helps in decreasing the breakdown risks and eliminates any unnecessary repairs and downtimes.  

Reducing driver liability is the best outcome when you focus on inspections and compliance. This will also increase the expected lifespan of the vehicles. The regular inspections will make sure that the compliant government regulations are.  

Digital vehicle inspection is important when it comes to fast fleet inspections without wasting any time. You will be able to work at your fullest capability. You will be able to automate many steps, decrease extra work, and add efficiency, or any roadblocks that ultimately lead to a better experience.

How can digitization enable you with vehicle inspections?

Gather Intelligent Information

The technicians will provide you with the vehicle information which you want at your fingertips. With vehicle inspection software, you can easily get all the information related to the repair and inspections of your fleet.  

You will have first-hand information at your fingertips which will let you dive into the history of the vehicle’s maintenance record. The person who is inspecting will know what has been done and how to carry on the process in the future.  

Saves time

With digital fleet inspections, inspection reports can be completed easily and efficiently. This means that the drivers are going to spend less time inputting the data every time and will spend more time on crucial things such as taking care of maintenance.  

Improves Quality of data

The digital vehicle inspection software will enable the drivers to immediately review any of the vehicle issues. The fleet managers will have the proof of inspection and the details that might be difficult to communicate manually in writing.  

The digital forms also enhance the accuracy and accountability of the data in the inspection.  

Reduction in errors and Extra costs

The software will allow you to streamline the Responses and the inputs. The Responses that are stored digitally are easily available. This will eliminate the chances of human error and any kind of manual paperwork.  

The unnecessary costs incurred saving will also be a huge benefit and it will not punch a hole in your overall budget.  

Improvement in workflows

The digital inspections enable you with the ability to set custom workflows, checkpoints, rules, and proof of inspections to ensure accuracy and visibility. You can also use automated alerts for notifying the managers and the operators in real time if any inspection fails.  

Increased security and accessibility

The digital inspection captures the information on a platform immediately after the driver is uploading it. Thus, all the relevant parties will have instant access to the information. Well, anyone in the fleet can check the inspection reporting at a high level and standardize it to any driver or vehicle.  

This approach also minimizes the need for any physical storage and the risk of losing digital information.

Customized reporting systems

Digital inspections are enhancing every phase vehicular inspection process. You can optimize the inspection template which will enable you with quality reporting and also enable the technicians to improve productivity.  

Decrease downtime by connecting inspections to maintenance in transferring the information  

With digital vehicle inspection, there is no delay! There is no lag in the information. During the failed inspection, the information is sent to the service manager in real time for scheduling the repair. The digital vehicle inspection software connects with the existing TMS and will make it possible to track the vehicle service.  

The inspections are the critical aspect of safety, and maintenance programs. When you rely on manual paperwork, it might be as effective. With digital vehicle inspection, unnecessary maintenance expenditures will be prevented, such as downtime or lost productivity.  

In the end

The digital vehicle inspection software improves efficiency and enables multiple inspections with accurate data. These inspections will enable you to ensure that the inspection is done in with consistency and by eliminating any omissions.  

This is how the digitization can assist you with the vehicle inspections.

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