How to Get Rid of Commonly Overlooked Hidden Freight Costs

  • Himmat Gill
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  • February 4, 2020
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Today, delivery times are at an all-time high. This puts a heavy strain on the supply chains. Due to this, the shipments get delayed, there are raised prices, and some commonly overlooked hidden freight costs.

Everyone, including the suppliers, shippers, and wholesalers, will feel a certain kind of burden on their end of the supply chain process. It becomes quite a challenging task to adjust the operations to greater efficiency, cost reduction, and flexibility.

The supply chain optimization through the automated transportation management system will ensure a smoother process with increased efficiency and profit.

What is supply chain optimization?

A supply chain takes over all the steps in moving the products from the shipper to the customer. Its optimization will enable the process to function at its highest efficiency.

When it comes to supply chain optimization, then the main focus must be on being customer-centric. The customer-centric supply chains keep the final customers in mind throughout the process and TMS transport management solutions for a better business process.

Practices for Supply chain optimization.

Let us put some light on the best practices for supply chain optimization.

Make sure your teams are in place.

In the large supply chain network, there are various teams and partners. Some of the data can easily be isolated from others. There are different products that have different IDs and thus they move from one link to the other in the supply chain which makes it impossible to track.

When you integrate the systems and manage all the data from a single central location, then making use of an automated transportation management system will enable the smooth transfer of data between different parts of the supply chain.

Adapt to technology and increase transparency.

Well, in a survey, it has been found that 15% of the companies have reported that they have opted for automated reporting and another 46% are planning on automating the reports in the near future.

There is a clear indication that the manually-driven supply chain process has led to a lack of supply chain visibility. Automating and digitizing the supply chain with an automated transportation management system can put an end to this issue by connecting the data from the processes across the supply chain in one centralized location.

This is among the supply chain trends that are expected to expand its reach in this decade.

Optimize your supply chain network.

It is very beneficial that you maintain a healthy relationship with your partners. It does not matter if they are the suppliers, retailers, manufacturers, or retailers. They are beneficial for maintaining a healthy supply chain network.

There are many businesses that lack communication and visibility and without any data, it is impossible to take any effective decision.

Two-way communication is significant for the proper movement of goods and for reducing the Overlooked Hidden Freight Costs. Data sharing and real-time communication will reduce all the errors along the supply chains.

The larger the supply chain, the more important the integration of technology. Using the technology is going to come in handy for supply chain network optimization. The automation will decrease the workload.

The fully digitized supply chain can create alerts automation, confirmation messages, and push notifications. That will decrease the number of disruptions in the supply chains.

Leveraging data to demand planning and forecasting.

In order to evaluate the optimization process of the supply chain, the supply chain managers are going to look at if it will reduce the common Overlooked Hidden Freight Costs. Is it going to lower any expenses related to operations?

This will increase the revenue and will be the primary goal of the company. A great way to achieve them is through properly forecasting the demand and then planning accordingly. This can be done if the data collected can be put to its right use.

Technological solutions can strengthen supply chain management.

When the supply of the organization chain will scale, the global supply chain network is going to expand. Optimizing it becomes one of the important factors in the success of the company.

Every supply chain is unique and thus they can benefit from implementing the automated transportation management system and following an approach that is customer-centric to the supply chain management.

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