Pros and Cons of Automated Freight Invoicing

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  • December 8, 2017
Know the Pros and Cons of Automated Freight Invoicing logistics fleet management software

When you employ manual transportation invoicing can prove to be the harbinger of increasing costs in your supply chain. Handling the billing and invoicing can result in bogging people down with redundant tasks that ultimately decreases their workflow efficiency.

This is where the logistics fleet management software brings to the table the tools to manage freight invoicing automatically. This is the API-driven and integrated freight invoicing solution for handling the compounded tasks of accounting.  

Intelligent invoicing is going to free up your workers to focus on other more important tasks. When manually trying to sort the invoices and reconciling them is going to cost you more significantly than you know. The automated platform will allow the invoice to be generated electronically.  

The best trucking invoice software is going to generate the documents, will match the invoices to the loads covered, and will not require any manual intervention. The invoicing software will allow you to take any immediate action required to be more forward-looking and productive.  

Let us discuss some pros of automated Freight Invoicing


When you are employing automated software to manage tedious paperwork. This software can be put to use to create invoices and manage accounts. Thus, the best trucking invoicing software will allow you to create, send, and edit invoices.  

You will be able to save the customer and company information and include the payments that are owed. With this software, you can also log the other expenses in the system directly. Well, as a manager or the owner, you will be able to access the data whenever it is needed.  

Enhancing tech efficiency

Another thing the invoicing software can do for you is to increase your profitability by enhancing tech efficiency. The software is built to drive efficiency. The invoicing software also allows the technicians to make notes when the trucks last got repaired, save more time and retain more customers.  

The invoicing software enables the user to go to the invoice step by step and will tell the story of what work has been done on the truck, and thus an alternate track record is maintained.  

Correct billing time

The major demerit of not using the invoicing software is that you will not be able to bill your time correctly. The biggest advantage of implementing the logistics fleet management software is the ability to get everything right.

When you are using the invoicing software, then it is going to remove human error from the equation. This ensures how much exactly you are going to be charging. It might seem like a small thing at first but will prove to be fruitful when you are figuring out your margins and you are getting to the right number.

This software will make sure of accuracy regarding how long a particular job is taking place.  


The modern-day logistics industry comprises multiple devices and software systems. If these systems are working together, then it will be easier and better for everyone working there.  

The information will be automatically sent to the accounting system so that there is no redundancy and will provide multiple accounting options that your company would want to use.  

Tracking the Invoices and documents.

The best trucking invoice software will enable you to keep track of every paperwork and expense. It will assist you to keep your financial status in check. It is very seamless to operate and the owner will be able to keep all the updates of the daily expenses sitting anywhere in the world.  

The simple and easy-to-use interface will allow you to track the everyday profits with your invoicing tasks. The trucking software will also help you with filing IFTA-related tasks and it is very easy to generate the bills.

The logistics fleet management software also offers you dispatch screens so that you can get a full view of the ongoing activities.   

These are some of the pros of Automated Freight Invoicing. Providing productivity, it streamlines the entire process by making it more simplified and efficient.  

There are no cons to this software as it is a product of convenience and imparts flexibility to the workforce.

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