Trucking Dispatcher Trends That Will Transform Industry By 2025

  • Vikram Monga
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  • October 24, 2019
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To be on top in your Industry, the task of constant improvement must be accomplished. The things you learned years ago are way behind the time and are now out of date. Educating yourself and staying on top of the future trends in the transportation industry will help you grow and excel exponentially. 

When we talk about the freight industry, there have been a lot of advancements. Some exciting trends always come up every year. 

Some of the trends we will be discussing must be observed with a keen eye for the dispatcher especially. It is very significant for the fleet dispatchers to stay above the rest when it comes to new knowledge or improving their skillset by staying ahead of the curve. 


Advancement in technology.

Nowadays, Dispatchers are putting the use of more technology than ever before. Getting an acquaintance with great freight opportunities is a very tedious process. 

In the past, the dispatchers and the owner-operators were made to spend hours making phone calls and searching on the load boards. 

Now, there are various applications through which you can optimize the whole process. The new technology provides options for route planning, preferences of corridors, and various other variables for providing the dispatcher with the best possible routes. 

Tracking the loads.

We reside in an economy that is on-demand. Consumers always expect the services to be delivered on time and quickly. This is the reason why many trucking companies are adopting the latest technologies that support order tracking. 

The fleet management software enables the user to see beyond and get load insights and real-time tracking. This is the exact information you need to set consumer expectations.

The search feature on the map will enable the dispatchers to find the load which matches the driver routes and will provide you with the summary of the trip. 

Fluctuations in the price.

Well, being a dispatcher, you need to be very mindful of the changes in the market and the fluctuating rates of the industry. When you are being reasonable with the customers now, it is going to help you maintain the business in the future. 

Expectations of being a freight dispatcher in the future. 

The industry of trucking is changing rapidly and dispatchers will be able to see some changes in how the freight industry is operating. 

There are so many changes and advances that might be overwhelming and if the dispatchers plan to stay ahead of the competition, then they must be open to adopting the latest technologies. 

The three main areas where the dispatchers can easily expect any change in the future years.

Application of technology.

Software programs, systems, and many other devices are easily and rapidly available due to the constant changes being made in the advancements of technology. With many trucking apps, there are a variety of tools that will help you in optimizing fleet management for those who are working in the trucking industry. 

When you are familiar with the new tools and the other systems will enable the dispatchers to get an edge and stay ahead in this ever-evolving industry. 

Rise of the E-commerce industry.

As the country came back on track after the pandemic and mostly the people working remotely, there are many industries that can see continuous growth in e-commerce. 

This is now that almost everyone is doing everything online. Well, more E-commerce means that there are more business opportunities for the dispatchers. 

An Environmental-conscious business model.

As most of the customers are seeking greener and more environmentally conscious companies in the supply chain, the trucking companies can put a priority on sustainability and can have the best competitive edge. 

Having a greener business model as a small trucking company might not be on the top of your mind today, but it will help the trucking companies stay ahead of the industry trend and will differentiate themselves from the other companies in the coming years. 

What are some of the best truck dispatcher resources?

Well, retaining the drivers is crucial for maintaining the business and stable revenue. When you lose a driver, you will need to dedicate a lot of time to searching for a replacement. You will also be at risk of losing many loads and many deals which your business has already established as won’t have anyone to haul them. 

When you are a dispatcher, you make all the difference when it comes to keeping the driver happy. There are at times when the dispatchers are the only interaction for the drivers. One of the top reasons the drivers are leaving the company is when there exists a poor relationship with the dispatcher. 

Keep your drivers satisfied if you wish to grow your business. 

Tips that you can use to make sure that the drivers are satisfied. 

  • Use the Fleet ELD.

Well, it is your job to help the drivers loads pickup smoothly and as efficient as possible. Well, one of the best ways to accomplish this task is by using the information that is gathered on the driver’s ELD. 

This information will enable the driver to optimize the loads and then help them to stay in compliance with the safety regulations. 

  • Track the load.

Make sure that you make a communication clearly and in a calm manner. Do not let the stress of the day get all mixed up with the conversations with the driver. Also, ensure that you are listening to the feedback of the driver.

This is because communication is a two-way street in which both parties are the participants. 

Wrapping up.

With truck dispatcher services, you are always taking care of multiple things at once. Thus, technological tools will help you in taking stress off your shoulders. 

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