How Can Technology Can Solve Challenges Faced By Independent Dispatchers

  • Vikram Monga
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  • February 14, 2019
Solutions to Independent Dispatcher's Challenges

The dispatchers or the independent dispatchers are the heroes who are always working behind the scenes. These are the individuals who get the whip of the drivers and the customers when the deliveries are not made on time.

There are many obstacles that get in between such as road construction and bad weather that are not in the control of the independent dispatcher. Also, it is the responsibility of the dispatcher to make sure that the delivery happens on time.

There is where the real-time technology failsafe software for Independent Dispatchers enters the picture. When you manage a trucking fleet with real-time technology software, then can optimize the independent dispatcher’s ability to deliver the products on time

This is not just going to benefit the independent dispatcher but will accompany improvements in the trucking logistics process.

As the dispatcher plays a critical role in ensuring the success of the logistics company, there are some last-minute challenges that can affect the supply chain. Here is how they can tackle this issue with technology.  

The main aim of the dispatchers.

One of the primary-main benefits of intelligent and real-time technology is eliminating the amount of manual input that is required by the independent dispatcher every day. When you move away from manual dispatch practices, it saves time and reduces user error while sending the freight load to the drivers.

The process of automation through technology improves fleet working and also enables your company to decrease detention time and expenses.

Relatively quicker work integration.

When you reduce the manual amount of work of being an independent dispatcher, the automated software is an improvement for the organization. Mostly everyone will be using the same system which makes it really seamless for the dispatchers to pick from where any other independent dispatcher might have left.

This technology also makes data collection and the analyzing very simple. The dispatchers can easily access the scheduling and spreadsheet algorithms while putting in the work orders. They can use the formulas and the algorithms that enable the dispatcher to eliminate the time spent on recording the manual entries.

Every data that is collected in the automated system is stored which will assist in evaluating the trucking dispatch service. This data will provide the trucking company with the information that is needed for the dispatching services.

The perks of customer service.

The dispatchers work on the frontline for the clients working with the trucking fleet. When dispatchers are using automation, then it makes sure that they have everything they need to help the customers or the drivers if they call in asking for some information.

They will be able to track the truck and the load. It is due to automation that brings everything in one place. The dispatchers will be very confident while providing this customer service. There will adobe considerably less chance of making mistakes when getting the load information from the independent trucking dispatcher software.

Communication with the riders.

As technology advancements are taking place over time, ride communication is getting more seamless than ever. It is significant for the riders to know if their stop won’t be coming today or if there is any route to which they are accustomed has been eliminated.

Real-time communication of push notifications will resolve any confusion or frustration that is caused by any last-minute changes.  Thus the independent trucking dispatcher software is an essential need of the hour when it comes to communicating with the riders on the road.

Job satisfaction of the dispatchers.

Well, the dispatch system that is automated with the latest technology not only improves transport but will also have a positive effect on the drivers. Well, the automation cuts down the driver trip by more than 25%. This means that the drivers will be able to return home more quickly after delivering the loads.

When truck drivers are able to do their jobs without any hardship, they are very less likely to call in and complain about the dispatch team. Thus, the relationship between the drivers and the dispatch team improves.

When the truck drivers and the dispatchers work more efficiently, it will enable the driver to deliver the load more quickly and these two groups are going to have less friction. When the majority of truck drivers have issues with the dispatcher due to route problems, lack of information, or delivery issues, then automation single-handedly solves this relationship issue.

In the end.

Technology Can Solve Challenges Faced By Independent Dispatchers for a very long time. The independent trucking dispatcher software is the ecosystem of intelligent solutions that can ease off the burden of day-to-day operations. This tool will address the challenge with reliable and accurate data.

Thus, you will spend less time in monitoring the operations and focus more on developing the solutions.

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