Here’s What You Need to Know about Alabama IFTA Online Filing 

Running and managing a trucking business is more difficult than most people believe it to be. One needs to handle paperwork, forms, data, and what not. Then comes the IRP registration!

If you know what IRP is, you must also know that as a trucking business owner, you need to file IFTA too, and that requires you to register your vehicle in your home state. Since there are different registration requirements for different states, here, we have simplified the IRP registration requirements in Alabama:

  • Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.
  • Visit the tag registration website for Alabama IFTA online filing.
  • Select your county.
  • Enter the Record Number as mentioned on your Registration Renewal Notice.
  • Add your tag/license plate number.
TruckSmartz Makes It Easy

TruckSmartz is one of its kind, fully comprehensive trucking management software that helps store, manage, and access all the important records in one place.

When applying for IRP renewals and Alabama fuel tax stickers, or filing IFTA online, having all your documents and records in one place takes out a lot of hassle. In addition to letting you access everything within seconds, TruckSmartz will also remind you of license expiry beforehand.

TruckSmartz ensures you have accurate and reliable Alabama IFTA state tax overview right in front of your eyes at the time of filing. You’ll never find yourself paying incorrect amount again!

Frequently asked questions

January, February, March: April 30

April, May, June: July 31

July, August, September: October 31

October, November, December: January 31

You will be able to access your IRP renewal application online the first day of your renewal month.

Yes, you can. The report generated using TruckSmartz reflects miles travelled, fuel purchases, and all the due taxes/credits.

You can find the form to apply for the license on

Each IFTA certified vehicle should have two IFTA stickers.