New York

New York IFTA State Tax: An Overview

Do you own a trucking business in the State of New York? It’s important you register the vehicles in your fleet for IFTA filing to avoid penalty. Let us guide you further.

It is of utmost importance that you file your NY IFTA quarterly tax return before the due deadlines as late filing may result in a penalty of $50 or 10% of the net tax liability. You can renew an existing IFTA account by mail, or in person. If you want to learn how to file NY IFTA online by setting up a new account, the next section is for you:

  • Apply by mail to the Department of Taxation and Finance.
  • Pay $8 fee for each set of decals.
  • You are going to need one set of decals per qualified vehicle.
  • Credentials are mailed within 14-21 days
  • In person applications result in same day decals.
Why TruckSmartz?

We understand how tedious the entire process of filing an IFTA tax report in New York can get, and that is why we introduced TruckSmartz. Filing New York state fuel tax return doesn’t have to be so stressful.

TruckSmartz is the best trucking software in the market. The cloud-based solution makes staying compliant and handling your fleet as easy as it can get. You can use TruckSmartz to handle everything right from managing dispatches and expenses to generating IFTA reports and invoices.

TruckSmartz ensures you have accurate and reliable IFTA tax report right in front of your eyes at the time of filing. You’ll never find yourself paying incorrect amount again!

Frequently asked questions

January, February, March: April 30

April, May, June: July 31

July, August, September: October 31

October, November, December: January 31

Yes, you would still need to file a ‘zero’ report in the state of New York.

You can learn more about IFTA rules and regulations in New York by visiting

Yes, you can use Truck to generate your quarterly IFTA report.

Recreational vehicles are vehicles such as motor homes, pickup trucks with attached campers and buses when used exclusively for personal pleasure by an individual.